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MultiSite + BuddyPress – where each WP sub-site has its own public website and its own BP groups

  • By default, WordPress MultiSite allows for BuddyPress to be installed on a single site (either the main site/domain or the specified sub-site).

    -offer websites that have their own social network (potential clients could be Homeowner Associations, Book Clubs, etc.)
    -each client/organization could have its own groups (e.g. Board Members, Home Owners, Home Renters, etc.) for which admins can invite/approve/reject membership to.
    -some organizations may have only 1 group (if you’re a member, you’re a member; if you’re not, you’re not).
    -some groups may be public, some private (must login), some secret (don’t know about them unless you’re invited to them)
    *** Each organization must also have its own public-facing site (like any regular organization would). So as to say to the public “this is who we are, what we do, why we do it.” And the social network / groups would be just a sub-part of the site.

    Proposed Solutions:
    (whichever way is better to do it – performance, ease to maintain, etc.)
    Option A) 1 BP per sub-site with some custom code that only shows each sub-site’s applicable groups.
    Option B)
    Instead of 1 BP per Network, I want 1 BP per sub-site.
    Option C)
    Every group gets its own WP (non-MultiSite), its own BuddyPress, and its own domain. (Is there any way to mass-maintain certain settings, as if it was kind of like WP MultiSite?)

    Why I’m asking for help (correct me if I’m wrong):

    -if you want a group site, you go to, you sign up, you start a group.
    -then the group you started is just another group, listed among many others on
    -but your organization ALSO wants its own stand-alone(-looking) site (as if it were to be
    -but that’s not possible (correct me if I’m wrong; I hope I am) with BuddyPress. Your organization doesn’t get its own “website homepage” page and there’s not a list of groups that just apply to your organization. ********This is what I want to offer to organizations who want their own social network (i.e. members in groups).

    Any suggestions, ideas, or solutions?

    Maybe these would help get things started in the right direction:

    If it turns out the best solution is to just make a new WP (non-MultiSite) for each organization, then I could just save a template, like this:
    -This is an acceptable solution if need be.

    If one of the solutions is just a plugin above, then please advise how you think my setup should be done to be proper.

    Thank you very much.

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  • marvc


    Speaking from experience I suggest WPMU, Networks+ ($$), and BP Multi Network. (You may wanna include the Domain Mapping plugin to map sites to domains.)
    Install WordPress and configure networking, WPMU as a subdirectory installation. (Default)
    Create your mu-plugins folder and upload Networks+. From here you’ll be able to create your different org networks. Each org network can offer blogs which can be created using the BP-Groupblog plugin. This way the group, whether public, private, or hidden, can be associated with the blog.
    Create each of your org networks.
    Install and activate BuddyPress on the main site first.
    Upload your bp multi network plugin to your mu-plugins folder.
    Activate BP on one of your org networks. Once activated your users will be shared across the entire network but your groups and blogs are specific to that org network.
    I have it on a site / network I’m working on here:
    and here:

    Not to take away from the plugins available here but you’d buy the Networks+ and Domain Mapping plugin from wpEbooks site and the support over there is awesome just as it is here.



    Thanks SO much. I didn’t see an email come through last week to see your reply, but I’m glad I checked back.

    Have you had any troubles with WP or BP plugins not working on multi-network? If yes, how can you determine if something will break or not?

    Why do you specify installing WP MultiSite as sub-domain? I’d prefer sub-directory. And, yes, I want domain mapping.

    Do you have any hints for local development before putting on a real domain?

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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