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Multisite Installation

  • calliesens


    Hello, here’s my situation right now:

    I run a multisite installation and have one main site and 3 subsites in my network. These are the addresses: (main site)

    Subsite A and Subsite B will have WooCommerce stores selling different products with different settings. And I have a plugin that makes it such that when a user registers on a subsite, the user will also be registered in all the sites within the multisite network.

    What happened is that my main site has been separated into a main site with 3 subsites that has specific features and sales funnel for each: Shop for travel packages, Shop for non-travel related products, Resource library with Q&A forum. But these 3 subsites are actually sections within 1 single site so at the end of the day, I would like for the customer to have a seamless experience by giving them one central dashboard instead of having to switch dashboards to access various parts of the website.

    If I install Buddypress on Subsite C but all registrations are performed on Subsite A, is that possible? i.e When a user registers on Subsite A, can a Buddypress account automatically be created for the user even though Buddypress is activated on Subsite C? Or should I activate Buddypress as a network activation?

    Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you guys soon!

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