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Multisite issue with profile syncing

  • xmginc


    Hi everyone,

    Wondering if you’ve come across an issue where “Enable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing” only works on 1 site of a multisite/multiblog enabled setup.

    On a test site, both sites can update the name and sync properly.

    On a production site, only the parent site can update the name. The subdirectory site will cause the WordPress user’s name to go blank. The Extended Profile name is updated however.

    Any suggestions or tips is greatly appreciated.

    – Enable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing is active on both sites
    – tried turning off all plugins
    – tried with same theme on both sites
    – wp-config is set to define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

    It’s very strange…

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  • xmginc


    UPDATE: found possible solution (?) by going into profile fields section in both dashboards and clicking “edit” and “update” for the required name section. This then appears to have reset things. Now the name updates in both Extended Profile tab and the WordPress default Profile tab when making an edit in the member profile page.‚Äč

    FYI: I have found several times now that there are strange quirks but I’m sure it is 99% user error (mine) but not everything is straightforward such as this above. To find this method took quite some time trying every standard option and the last was clicking every option over again…

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