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Multisite & Roles

  • sweetydays



    I installed the bbPress plugin at network level for my multisite configuration. I don’t see the plugin settings at Network’s level but at each site’s level.
    When going to any site level I can access it from Settings > Forums. There I define the default role which is attributed to new users which is “Participant”. I realize that all my new users are assigned to this role!

    What is really a big deal for me as:
    1) At site level, at Settings > Forums, I can’t see all the roles of my users (e.g. customer, subscriber, …)
    2) When using a multisite user synchronisation plugin such as “”, which is working at network level, I don’t see the default role (“Participant”). I thus have on site level, the default role set to Participant, but on network level it’s empty (the “Participant” doesn’t show up)
    3) I also use the User Role Editor plugin and “Participant” doesn’t show up as a managed role.

    Q1: How not to define all my new subscribers as “Participant”?
    Q2: How to deal with it if I want to keep the “Participant” role?


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