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Multisite with directory domains

  • I’m using WordPress 3.1.1 with a WordPress multisite installation, with directory domains. After installing BuddyPress 1.2.8 it is available for network activation, but it does not appear in any of the individual sites as being available to activate on a site by site basis. Is that normal? If we network activate BuddyPress it takes over the admin bar of all sites. What we had hoped was to create a site or sites dedicated to BuddyPress, giving it its own directory domain.

    Is there a way to activate BuddyPress only for a site and not for the entire network of sites?

    We would likely use a different theme for BuddyPress than our other sites, BuddyPress has its own plugins etc., Without having yet worked with BuddyPress it seems like it should be on its own.

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  • Have a flick through the codex documentation it should explain how to activate it on a blog other than the primary one but that also it isn’t possible to have it on more than one blog.

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