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My 1.1 beta observations & questions (bbpress/group blogs)

  • jefflee


    Here are my observations so far. I’m running WPMU/BuddyPress in a rackspace cloud hosting environment.

    Install went fine.

    My biggest gripe is that now when activating or deactivating plugins in the backend, I get the white screen of death 90% of the time. I have my memory limit at 96MB in wp-settings.php, which fixed my white screen issues when I first installed buddypress. Any ideas on this?

    The Facebook Connect plugin seems to have broken for me with the 1.1 release. I guess that just needs to be updated. I’m looking into that RPX as well.

    Installing and integrating bbpress was extremely simple once I moved bbpress into the proper folder (/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bbpress/). I then easily setup a group forum.

    I also installed the bpgroupblogs plugin and setup a blog for one of my groups. Is there a way to default the theme for a group blog to the buddypress theme? I would like it to all tie together with the group for which the blog is being used.

    Next on my wish list is the Classifieds plugin, but I will ask about that in the proper forum area.

    With a few minor glitches and questions aside, so far I’m really loving 1.1. Thanks to all contributors!

    – Jeff

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  • John James Jacoby



    1. White screens should show up in your server logs; check the offending process and adjust to taste.

    2. Facebook Connect Plugin will probably need some adjusting for BuddyPress1.1. I know other people have experienced some lag, memory, and slowness issues using it.

    3. Yay integration!

    4. I know Burt hasn’t updated the group blogs plugin in a while, but your best bet to set default themes and settings would be to check out the WPMU new blog defaults plugin. You should be able to adapt that to set the blog theme on creation.

    Jeff Sayre


    @ John

    I know Burt hasn’t updated the group blogs plugin in a while…

    I believe that jeff is talking about this plugin and not Burt’s Community Blogs plugin.



    Correct Jeff. That new plugin is the one I’m using.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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