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my 15000+ members site dies when BP is on

  • i just recovered my 15000+ members forum in my WP installation with BBPress, and i can’t install BuddyPress without making my site die.   there is no error report create, the process just stop.


    I did a recovery test with an older version of WP/BBP/BP installation sooner this year and had the same problem, so it’s not a combination of the core plugins, it’s BP only, as BBPress is working flawlesly in that situation.


    I suppose it’s related to BP generating some members-related data, but i can’t figure it out… someone faced that kind of situation?


    if someone in the BP team is willing to make tests and debugs, you’re welcome!

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  • There must be some kind of error log, have you looked through your server logs to see what’s happening? Provide some clues to pinpoint the issue from your server logs and someone may be able to help.

    that’s what i said, Hugo, there is no error log…. or i would’ve find the problem at first… 🙂


    i’ll have to activate the debug in WP and other reports to see if something comes from that.

    i did some fair checks, clean install with the exact same configs etc, and there is no wrong situation with a clean install.

    i’m on a Hostgator shared plan, with 256M Ram with 42M used for my WP, and the Cpu is at 0.06%


    there is no error log generated in the process i mention, even with everything set inside PHP to display_errors etc… so it’s an inbetween problem.


    So it’s clearly when Buddypress is trying to allocate its memory to set up something i have no idea of what, and it occurs only with my 15000+ members in…

    To be honest, not a lot I can say regards ‘Shared Hosting’ with 15000 user accounts I’m surprised the site runs at all (but guess they aren’t all trying to jam in at once). If you are serious about running a site based around an active BP community you really need to be on a box with dedicated resources, in excess of those ever granted on a shared hosting platform.

    You don’t specify what those figures relate to, 256MB is that your system memory as such? what is your PHP script memory limit, how are you obtaining that CPU figure, is that observed while attempting to load BP or is it an idle figure.

    What version of BP are you running as you haven’t specified.

    the site is not in production, the 15000 members is just the count of users in the database.

    the WP/BBP/BP setup is a clean install from today’s releases, and there is no other plugin installed.

    and i’ll wait for one of the core developers’ opinion, thanks Hugo…


    How is ‘not in production’ relevant? You have been stating you have issues activating BP, you then state you are on a shared hosting platform and with a host many don’t think that highly of, you state you have 15000 user accounts – in all you have stated thus far you suggest you are trying to run on this shared platform and it’s failing thus production, staging, testing is not a relevant factor? 15000 members is just the count of users in the database and that suggests what? What does ‘just the count’ mean they are user accounts aren’t they and thus have to be dealt with at some stage by BP.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of help but frankly without some notion of what’s happening via logs it’s hard to but yes do wait for a far more informed opinion from one of the core lead developers.

    When does BP die? Can you walk us through exactly what you do?

    Are you literally clicking “Activate plugin”, and the next page never loads?

    exactly, Paul… after clicking Activate Plugin, there is a ~15sec wait before it refresh the page to go to the setup page, and it dies… and keep being dead until i deactivate BP.


    but i found how to handle it in the last minutes… my dB was 3 months old, so i decided to use the WP/BBP/BP versions of that period and upgrade step by step… it did it.  with WP 3.5.1, and BP 1.6.1, i was able to load the pages, and then i upgraded BP to 1.7, and no bug… upgraded WP to 3.6b1 and still no bug.


    that is where there “may” be something to consider for others… i can debug myself, not everybody can.


    BuddyPress doesn’t do anything to the user table when the plugin is activated, so whatever the problem was or is, must not be related to any user table queries.

    We create a bunch of new tables; if these took 15 seconds to execute, I would expect the queries would show up in your MySQL server’s slow query log.

    Roger Coathup


    We had problems upgrading a large site – see:

    I assume some BP script in the backend was timing out.

    We solved by:

    1. exporting our users / user_meta table. Leaving just the admin user
    2. upgrading BP
    3. Reimporting the users

    This worked fine. The problem only occurred if all the users were present during the actual upgrade process.


    yeap, the bug occurs in the exact same process…


    is Site Tracking checking all users activity ?!… it would make the query go crazy if more than X users… as on the install process, it calls all the logs to create the first pitch of  Site Tracking…

    From memory, if you have a multisite with many blogs, it’ll go through each one populate the activity table. I haven’t time to go through all the code at the moment to see what else might be happening.

    where is the “like” button here?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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