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My Account admin menu layout breaks at certain browser (screen) sizes

  • pixieblitz


    I’ve checked it on two different WordPress multisite installs with Buddypress (latest versions of both WordPress and Buddypress, and with all other plugins disabled, running wordpress default themes, on both Chrome and Firefox). It looks like this item
    <ul id=”wp-admin-bar-my-account-buddypress” class=”ab-sub-secondary ab-submenu”>
    displays incorrectly, with overlapping text and menu items when the browser is between 600 and 782 pixels wide.

    …Actually now that I’ve tries resizing the browser on the main site, the admin bar ends up behind and partially hidden by the red BuddyPress header, once the browser goes 782px wide. I guess it’s just compatibility issues with the new WP admin layout?

    Any ideas for how to fix it? I’ve been trying to mess with CSS code for over an hour, and it turns out I suck at this

    Thank you for reading!

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