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My blog page don’t show like it does here on this site

  • paigestormblade


    i made a page for blog but hmm i cant seen to make it activate, so whats next how am i to make the blog section show am i missing something -sighs- or do i need to have it sectioned off from the bpress. i can still make post but there’s no blog section even for the user sidebar menu, and its got blog in it I think I did a heck of a job with it really, I had to mod one of the plugins to send users to reg page but hey its working. it was the private community plugin Version 1.0.4 By Dennis Morhardt plugin name Private BuddyPress, i had modified it to set up for the system had to it refused to let me go reg kept redirecting me back to login but its all good i fixed it. but any way just need help on the blog section please -ahm-

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