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My Events in Buddypress – get rid of placeholders

  • gnu2k



    I have a section in the BuddyPress user profile where all the events (from “Events Manager”) a user provides are listed.
    Unfortunately there are this placeholders “#_LOCATIONLINK – #_LOCATIONADDRESS, #_LOCATIONTOWN” listed as a bullet point directly under the event.
    Does anyone know how to get this out, and actually how to edit the displayed “My Events” section?

    Thank you and best regards

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  • iamthewebb


    Hi, These are the forums for BuddyPress and that very much sounds like an Events Manager issue, although as I use the plugin I’d recommend you check Events – Settings – Formatting – Default event list format



    Thank you so much! I tried that one, unfortunately not working.. But thats a good point, I will take a look at the event managers!
    Best, gnu2k



    No reply at the events forum so far..
    So I tried to use a JavaScript snippet:

    var replacement = "";
    document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.split(search).join(replacement);

    And it works on a normal site. However, not on the buddypress profile where I want it. I think because the events section is a a subsection of the generated user site. So i can’t directly add this JS to the specific user sites. I put it in the snippets plugin which should work on all websites and also I used a snippets plugin for the highest parent side of the user profiles, but no success..
    Does anyone had this problem too or any idea how to fix it?

    Best regards



    Or, does anyone know how to disable “My Events” in the buddypress profile?




    I have a question regarding the cooperation between BuddyPress ( ) and Events Manager ( ).
    From what I have checked, Events Manager does not have a function that allows a logged-in WordPress user to invite other logged-in WordPress users to an event. I assume that this event may or may not be created by the inviting user. Ideally, if someone could invite individual users from their BuddyPress circle of friends, or an entire circle of friends, as well as individual members of a BuddyPress group of which the inviting user is a member, or and entire this group.

    Do you know any ready-made solution that makes it possible?
    And if there isn’t, can you give me a hint, how I could do this with BuddyPress / Events Manager or another tools?

    I would be grateful for the information

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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