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My new theme

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  • here it is installed on a poker community with a few mod

    Very nice. The poker site really shows what a little customization can do. Good job!

    Thanks! now the theme its compatible with bp 1.5. features are: slider on home page, php widget, search widget. poker offers widget, social widget, login widget. header with widget area, footer with 4 widget area, home page fully customizable with 4 widget areas.

    I take a look at your theme, but error message displayed, nothing found.

    2012 Project 12


    I cannot find how to start a new topic so hope I am not offending anyone posting here.

    My new site is It is an art and photography project to inspire world peace and encourage environmental awareness. It is not fully functional yet. If you would like to join up for free just now you can. When it gets to the paypal part you just don’t pay but go back to the site and type in your user name and password and you will get a free membership.

    I have a question. We have an album page with which our members can upload 12 photographs (one for each month next year) but was also want people to be able to upload links to video’s they have made and also be able to upload text documents. Does anyone know how we can incorporte them into the album page or put in any other way of the members accounts?

    Any other suggestions and tips about the whole site would be greatly appreciated. 2012 Project 12 is a registered non-profit, based in Iceland.

    LoVe Pauine

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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