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my RSS Feeds don't update properly

  • I’m using self hosted single user WordPress 2.9.2. and Buddypress 1.2.1, and none of the RSS feeds update properly.

    The feed updates once when it’s first subscribed to, then it updates about once a day, no matter how many times it’s refreshed, no matter how much the content changes.

    All the feeds show the feed title, then right below it is the date and time WordPress was installed, followed by the feed details like Post Title, author, time, and content snippet.

    It’s the date and time underneath the Feed title that baffles me… it never changes, shouldn’t that be when the feed was updated?

    Everything else appears to work correctly with the site. For instance, the Activity page will update correctly, and all dates and times are pretty much where they should be, yet the RSS feed associated with the page just won’t update.

    As a side note, I have a self hosted shoutbox plugin with an RSS feed, and that works perfectly. My thinking was that perhaps the whole UTC, GMT, Offset clock thing with my web server is somehow impacting things, but with the shoutbox feed working correctly… I’m stumped.

    ANY thoughts or insight is appreciated, thank you.

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