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My Site is finished – thanks all and please see interesting integration

  • cdutoit


    Hi All –

    I think I’m finally done with my project…well…as much as one could be done. I guess done for the first phase. I still have some rough edges to smooth over but wanted to drop a line here to thank everyone for their help.

    Burtadsit for spending hours helping me track down a error which ended up being, well, user error (bad chmod permissions)…

    So, here is the site. I thought I would mention some additions that others might find interesting:


    Implementation details:

    1. It is a combination of WPMUDEV premium theme with the BP theme.

    2. I used the WPMUDEV theme pack so users have a choice of over 100 themes, with built-in support for advertising.

    3. I have sitewide Askimet spam protection for comments. This is auto enabled so users get this for free automatically.

    4. I have a iPhone application branded to Jurnl look and feel that allows users to blog from their phone.

    5. I integrated commercial photo software. Specifically:

    5.1 A user automatically has a page created when they create their blog. This page is called “PhotoJurnl”. Your photojurnl will show your photos, albums and slideshows. Clicking any photo takes you to the photo software, which I substantially modified to be tightly linked to Jurnl. (Signing in to Jurnl auto creates a session in the photo software so its seemless to the user).

    You can see what this looks like at

    5.2 These photos and slideshows etc are also in the BP profile view.

    You can see this in action at:

    5.3 If you have an account on Jurnl, you can use the photo software to upload photos, tag them, create albums etc. Pretty neat generally.

    6. I modified the recent posts widget to only show one most recent post per memmber so that if one person posted three comments thats not all you see. I also widened the column for recent posts.

    Thats it for “phase I”. Now I will continue to clean/debug and add functionality.

    Thanks again everybody for your help.

    PS: this post will be crossposted at the WPMUDEV forums, not to spam, but to acknowlegde those that helped me there too.

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  • nicolagreco


    It’s nice how you implemented albums & videos :)

    Anyway in my opinion they shouldn’t have blogs legacy.. :)

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