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Bottom (Not working) that normal?

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    Hello there

    I had another post where I wrote I could get any links to work..friends, groups etc
    I finally realized it’s when I’m logged in as the first account I made, “admin”.
    I noticed all URL’s to members profiles are
    and then with the respective componets I want to see(friends, groups etc)
    However with my admin account, all these goes to a page not found and I realized the links just saus ..and nothing name behind the /members/ when I click “friends
    I tries to access mydomain/members/friends instead of mydomain/members/admin/friends…
    Have anyone tried this or know if I can fix it? I still want to be able to see see friends, have friends request etc etc..:o)

    Cheers B

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  • blogsabout


    Solved!!Arhh!!..For some reason the “Display name publicly” under the “users” settings as “admin” was empty.
    That was what caused the trouble!
    Thanks for all the help..appreciate it!



    Glad you figured it out! If you find out how your display name in your WP profile was blank, please let us know!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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