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mytheme/buddypress not working as it should

  • riofriz


    First of all i have to say, this is the first time i try to personalize a buddypress page, i have a client who requested a pretty big job, so i figured maybe buddypress could be the best solution for this occasion.

    I was following this article ”

    What i am trying to do is having a buddypress folder in my theme and personalize it as much as my client wants.
    The problem is that even after uploading all the necessary files in mytheme/buddypress nothing changes. I’ve also tried to get rid of the whole profile header (which should have broken the layout at least) but it was still looking as the original buddypress theme.

    Am i doing something wrong? it may be that the guide is obsolete as we are at version 2.5.1.
    I’ve also tried to upload the content of bp-default in mytheme/buddypress but the result is a broken page (which makes me think that maybe bp-default is the right folder to copy, but still, it gives a lot of errors).
    Please let me know if i haven’t been clear.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  • riofriz


    Hi, i am so sorry for the double post, but i have a urgent need to finish this project, and i am still stuck on the buddypress personalization. On your articles you say is the easiest thing to do, but i find it pretty complicated. Also all the guides i found are probably out to date (we are talking about stuff from 2013/2014, plenty of versions ago.
    If i create a folder called buddypress (or community) and paste the bp-legacy content in there, nothing changes.
    If i paste the bp-legacy content directly in the theme folder instead, the changes apply, but it looks like buddypress can’t read the stylesheets and js and nothing works.

    Am i missing something? Maybe i am not good in searching stuff and you have some up to date guides on how to implement buddypress on your wp theme.

    Please help me out,

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