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  • reprocessor


    Have a look at

    I’m trying to move the menu below where it is, at the moment it should be sitting flush with the bottom of the green bar, I need it lower than that – between the green bar and where the widgets start would be ideal Once i’ve got it down there (i’ll be adding more menu options in) I need it to stretch to fit the width of the main panel (appx. 900px) any idea on how to do this? I’ve played about with the floats but they always seem to ping the menu up to the top, centre of the green bar. if you adjust the height using firebug (from 75px to 120px) this is what I want – but if you shrink the page size it throws the height out when the search and login eventually overlap. (i’ve got the code to remove the search/login bar so this is not as important as justifying the main nav.

    Thanks in advance to any would be helpers :)


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  • John James Jacoby


    If you\’re talking about your #nav, then in:

    Line 97

    The below will sit it lower and mostly match your sites margins. I think that looks the best to me.

    Change your margin to:

    margin: 120px 0 15px;

    Design wise you will then still have rounded corners to worry about:

    Line 105

    Change accordingly:


    Regarding the width of the nav, Are you saying that you want each one of the links to be a fixed width? To stretch them all across the 900px page width?



    Hi John, Thanks for getting back to me – they don’t have to be a fixed width, coz that’ll look crap – i was thinking justified between the first and last tabs – where the first and last tabs are at the left and right respectively. Is this do-able with CSS – if not i can always just set the widths between until I get the nearest match.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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