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Navigation on members directory

  • David Boudjenah


    I don’t understand how is it possible to have such a bad navigation system on buddypress. It’s basic but the ajax system is completly anti-ergonomic. When you click on page 2 then click on a profile and click the return button you go back on page 1. This made me crazy that nobody correct this.

    Demo on video :

    Somebody have to correct this because now buddypress it really anoying because of this pagination system.

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  • ripulkr


    Notice that when you go to page 2 the url does not change. So, after visiting the profile, clicking on back icon loads the main page.
    Ideal way to confirm this bug would be to test it on TwntyNinteen theme.



    The best thing to do is to ask for your money back. 🙂

    No, but seriously, I reported it already in Buddypress Trac, but no luck. You can try asking them again and see what they say. Request Refund for lost revenue lol



    So I have several complaints from users bout this exact thing now. It’s not as noticeable to me as I’m mostly on desktop – but apparently this is a huge problem on mobile with the standard browser back button not working as expected and taking people back 4 (or more) pages of results – which makes them have to click tap page to page to page to get back to where they were..

    No fixes for this? option to remove the ajaxify and go to url.. and then add a pre-fetch to autoload the next set of results perhaps?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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