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Need BP help for geotheme integration

  • thefluxo


    Hi guys,

    i really need some advice for the implementation of buddypress in a WP/Geotheme installation. The developers are really lame people atm, so does anyone have experiences with buddypress and geotheme?

    i really appreciate your help!

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  • Not really that nice to refer to people in this manner “The developers are really lame people atm,” .


    What have you attempted in trying to get your theme and BP running together ? Have you installed the template pack, and followed the guide for configuring files outlined in the BP codex documentation?

    If not that is where you need to start then ask for help when you get stuck, bearing in mind this forum is not strictly for third party themening.

    Id possible you would be best off waiting for BP 1.7 as this will work with any theme.



    thanks for your comment hugo. i really had no choice to blame the developers of geotheme, because i bought the theme and the support for it and i get no real response from them. they are repeati all te time that the support is done by the forum but they do not reply there as well.
    thats what really annoys me.

    anyway, i guess i found a solution for myself and i will try that at the weekend. can you tell me when bp1.7 will be released for germany (e.g. the german language file)?

    Understand your frustration.

    Afraid I couldn’t say when a German language file may be available for 1.7

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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