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Need data on BP database schema for private messaging

  • We got hit with a spammer that used our private messaging feature. I was able to find out some info about the spam sent running queries against wp_bp_messages_messages. However, I was trying to determine to whom the messages were sent, but that is kind of difficult.

    When I look in wp_bp_messages_recipients I kind of expected to find the recipient ID under user_id, but that only matches the sender_id in wp_bp_messages_messages. Bizarre. How do I figure who the recipients of the SPAM email where?

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  • it shouldn’t match the sender it’s supposed to be the recipient id, and it is on my local databases, if I check messages_messages I have an id and user_id – the sender – if I check the message id in recipients table and locate the same message ID the user_id now represents a different user, the recipient.

    Perhaps this column gets updated when I mark the sender as a spammer? Which I did do in this case. This perhaps would prevent private messages from being seen by the recipient.



    I was also surprised to discover that when a user is marked as a spammer, no action is taken to delete or hide the messages they have sent from users.

    When a user is marked as a spammer, surely Buddypress should prevent all other users from seeing messages they have sent? Can this be added to a future version?

    We should. Please make an enhancement ticket on You can use your username and password from this site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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