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Need Help finding Embedded css styles for wp-signup form

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    Unfortunately the generated signup form is breaking my wp theme. Using the Firefox Web Developer toolbar I am able to correct the problem by changing the .mu_register class width to a fixed pixel size. However I am UNABLE to find the actual embedded style to make this change permanent, can anyone tell me where I can locate this style?

    Thank you in advance.


    .mu_register { width: 90%; margin:0 auto; }

    .mu_register form { margin-top: 2em; }

    .mu_register .error { font-weight:700; padding:10px; color:#333333; background:#FFEBE8; border:1px solid #CC0000; }

    .mu_register #submit,

    .mu_register #blog_title,

    .mu_register #user_email,

    .mu_register #blogname,

    .mu_register #user_name { width:100%; font-size: 24px; margin:5px 0; }

    .mu_register .prefix_address,

    .mu_register .suffix_address {font-size: 18px;display:inline; }

    .mu_register label { font-weight:700; font-size:15px; display:block; margin:10px 0; }

    .mu_register label.checkbox { display:inline; }

    .mu_register .mu_alert { font-weight:700; padding:10px; color:#333333; background:#ffffe0; border:1px solid #e6db55; }


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  • peterverkooijen


    Styling the signup form is supposed to become a lot easier in the upcoming version 1.1.

    To get my signup form somewhat in line with the rest of the site I had to hack core files. Details of my attempts here.

    Jeff Sayre


    This is not a BuddyPress topic and should be targeted at the WPMU forums instead. But I’ll give you a little help nonetheless.

    You should be using an IDE (integrated development environment) that allows you to search all files for the piece of code you want to find–among many other very useful features. I’m on a Mac and I prefer Coda to TextMate–although I used to use the latter.

    The CSS is actually near the top of the wp-signup.php file. Search for function wpmu_signup_stylesheet().

    I’m also setting this to “not a support question” as it has to do with styling in a WPMU file and nothing to do with BuddyPress.



    As Peter said, with the bp-sn-framework, is simpler, you need to add in the style.css at the top in the comment-header



    Template: bp-sn-framework


    deactive your current theme and reactive it again. (Remember it works only with 1.1-svn version).

    You have to put css you want in your style.css and they will be applied on the default registration page.

    Or you can copy from the bp-sn-framework the register.php to your theme dir, and edit html if needed



    Thanks everyone for the help, much appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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