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Need Help w/ Messaging and Membership Plugin Features…

  • markatwp



    We are thinking about using BuddyPress to Create a Membership Site…
    We only really need a couple Features and need help to see if the
    BuddyPress system can or has these features, or might even be able
    to Modify Features to do what we would like, if it is not already

    So can you please let us know if the Features/Plugins below are
    available using BuddyPress, and specifically which Plugins we would
    need to install, that can do at least what is mentioned below?

    1- For Us (Admin) to Message All the Members, either 1-at-a-time or
    to Everyone…
    (A) That the Members can read when Logged-In
    (B) That hopefully, would be able to Notify the Members by Email
    when their account receives New Message(s)
    (C) Maybe with a Limit of 1 Email Notification per day?

    2- To Allow our Members to “Message” each other from with-in the system…
    whether they are logged-in or not.

    3- To Allow Us (Admin) to set certain Members as those who Can Upload
    Articles, Photos, Etc…

    4- Lastly, Do you do any Custom Plugins, or Modifications of Plugins?
    And if so, what might the costs be?

    Is any of this possible? this is really all we want or need right now
    for our Member Site…

    Thank You!

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