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Need help with Facebook Connect issues

  • benny148148


    Okay, I have a few issues with Facebook Connect that I’m hoping somebody will have the answer to.

    Question #1:

    Can I place the Facebook Connect login button on a subdomain page without having that user become a subscriber to that subdomain? ie. I’d like to have a button in log the facebook user in to, instead of

    I ask this because I have all my BuddyPress widgets running in a subdomain, and I like letting my users sign in via that page, however when I add the Facebook Connect button to it, it adds them as a member to that domain, which causes a whole lot of obvious issues.

    When the FB connect button is only shown on the homepage it works ok…but it presents a completely different issue with the subdomain widgets which I’ll explain in question #2.

    Question #2:

    As I said earlier, I’m displaying the BuddyPress members widget on both the homepage (ie. ) and also a subdomain ( ). When a user signs up through facebook connect from the homepage, the avatar for that facebook shows up perfectly in the home theme and member page, HOWEVER, if you travel to any other subdomain that is NOT the home theme, the facebook avatar goes to the default monster/wavicon/grayman/gravatar image.

    It seems as though the Facebook Connect Avatar does not function well with virtual domains. You can test this on your own BuddyPress installation by just adding the members widget to any subdomain and you’ll see what I mean.

    Another way to show this is by going to any member’s page who is using FB Connect on, and adding a subdomain to it (of course the subdomain you add must actually exist).

    You’ll see that the users facebook image suddenly becomes the default avatar.

    For example:

    This page shows the correct Facebook Avatar:

    In a virtual subdomain however, it doesn’t work:

    While this example is not really the same issue I’m having (remember, my issue deals with displaying the Facebook avatar on the members WIDGET in a subdomain), it is a good example to show that the Facebook Connect avatar will ONLY work in the directory where the plugin is installed.

    Is there any way to make the Facebook avatar work across ALL subdomains?

    Sorry for the long-winded post, I’ve just been trying to figure these two issues out for the past day and haven’t gotten anywhere. Does anybody have any ideas on either of these questions?

    Thanks so much!

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  • JJJ


    Andy, until I am more familiar with the FBC plugin, I might have to resign this one to you.

    Andy Peatling


    I would honestly love to fix help with these things, but I don’t expect to get any time to work on the Facebook plugin for a while. There are plenty of competent developers out there who I’m sure will be able to fix these things up. I got it working on and that was my main goal to begin with.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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