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Need plugins for FB connect, bookmarking

  • Nick


    Hey there,

    I’m brand new to BuddyPress and looking for a couple pieces of functionality I’m hoping might be available in a plugin. On our site, we would like users to be able to:

    • Use their Facebook login to create their profile and log in
    • Log in if they don’t have/want to use FB
    • Manage subscriptions to various MailChimp lists
    • Save or bookmark various types of content:
    o Posts
    o Pages
    o Photos
    o Various custom content types

    I’ve found plugins for MailChimp. I have not found plugins for FB Connect and bookmarking that will work. The plugins I’ve seen for FB Connect are all related to commenting. The bookmarking plugins are all social (Delicious, Digg, etc.) and we just want someone to be able to save different pages of our site to their profile. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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