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Need some function advice

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    I have a chat script that I am trying to integrate with buddypress.

    It asks me to put the following code into the header of each page, after it’s been edited..

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript>
    var init_user = "";
    /* it defines the user name to login, you can get the user name from session or cookie for example var init_user=<? php echo $_SESSION['username']; ?>; */
    var init_password = "";
    /* it defines the user password to login, you can get the password from session or cookie for example var init_ password =<? echo php $_SESSION[password]; ?>; if leave the init_password empty, it means login to the web messenger as a guest */

    What I can’t figure out is what to put into the

    init_user =

    init password =

    I’m guessing that buddypress/wordpressmu has a function that would be used in place of

    <? php echo $_SESSION['username']; ?>

    the same goes for

    <? echo php $_SESSION[password]; ?>

    I have looked in the header code for the home theme, and it seems I needed to look in the userbar.php file which I did for the function or whatever it’s called to use there, but could not find it.

    Could someone please assist me?

    If it helps the installation instructions I am following are from

    thank you

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