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Need some guidance

  • iamdavidkennedy


    Hey folks,

    I’ve basically got a bit of an issue, a site was left with the client to manage and they’ve barely touched it for two years but now have come back saying it’s not working, a lot of the issues seemed to be caused by the following plugins:

    Better Recent Posts (with thumbnails)
    BP Profile Widgets
    Separator Widget

    The second two have been removed as they seem to be totally unsupported now, but the site is still barely functional, when people add items to their basket and try to checkout it just loads their buddypress profile page and then displays a ‘There has been a critical error on your website.’ error where it should be showing the buddypress profile page and therein the contained checkout etc.

    If i turn debug on there are several ‘Headers already sent in /customers/3/7/5/…’ errors for the above listed three plugins and then also getting several ‘Deprecated: function create_function()’ issues with each of them too.

    As removing them hasn’t helped bring the site back to life any I’m really hoping someone can help me figure this out as I need to get this site back up and running for them but have no clue where to look having gone round and round in circles with no results found.

    the site is and I can provide any further details requested by anyone able to help

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  • shanebp


    Your problem is not specific to BP and therefore out of scope for this forums.
    Here is some general advice.
    Clone the site to a dev site and do all your testing there.
    Turn off any caching plugins, update plugins and theme.
    Switch to a WP theme to check for theme-specific issues.
    Turn plugins off and on to isolate issues.
    Check your logs carefully.
    Try using the Query Monitor plugin – great for all kinds of info re errors and queries.

    Query Monitor

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