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Need to change author link

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    I’ve got a bit of an issue with my install.

    ON the page:

    notice the activity stream where it shows the image of the user who posted the post. That url is correct.

    However in the name field right next to the users avatar, the link is going to the subdomain blog where the post was posted. This is causing issues because I do not have all of my themes buddypress enabled.

    I need to change the link code on the username to point to the blog being used at the moment just like the avatar does. That way when they click on the name it stays on the same blog, and the members profile will show up properly.

    I have narrowed it down to /activity/entry.php in the default theme folder

    <?php bp_activity_action() ?> or <?php bp_activity_content_body() ?>

    I can’t seem to find where this is defined at so that I can change the href value of the username.

    any ideas where this function is?

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