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Need to Reinstall Buddypress

  • friedclyde



    I have the latest version of both buddypress and wordpress.

    I had buddypress installed and lying inactive for a while, i recently updated my theme (Arthemia) they now have BP support, so i reactivated the plugin.

    Unfortunately it dint seem to be working fine, it had not picked up the more recent posts in the sitewide activity feed.

    So i followed the steps for complete removal, deleted the bp db tables, but could not find anything in the wp_options

    However i do not get the settings walk through or installation post activating buddypress anymore.

    Any idea how i can reinstall from scratch?

    Thank you, my site is

    Any kind of help would be greatfully appreciated.

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  • Ben Hansen


    posts will only get recorded as activity if buddypress is active the behavior you are seeing is normal. there maybe a plugin out there that can re-construct activity entries from post dates or something but i’m not personally aware of anything that does that.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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