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Need to show activity of users as per my recommendation system(.pkl file)

  • vishakhanehe


    Hi Team, I need urgent help. I am using BuddyPress for my social video commerce platform.
    I need help regarding these:

    1. On the activity page, the feed is the same for all the users but I need to show the feed as per users separately(as per city, choice, gender etc) like any social media platform does, for instance, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Is there any way to show?

    2. We are working on a recommendation engine to show the videos as per likes, comments, share and now I am having the .pkl file from one of the guy in my team. How can I connect that .pkl file with my codebase so that I can show the feed as per .pkl logic?

    Is there anyone who can help me with this task?

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