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Need to solve 2 Problems with BP Album+

  • Gianfranco


    I got 2 problems on ( with Album+

    1) The images in the activity streams, be it in the general activity or the member one, are broken.


    This happens only on the activity streams.

    I do have to point out to the fact that I do have WP installed in a subfolder.

    To avoid the subfolder being in the URL/permalinks, I got this code in “bp-custom.php”:

    // Getting rid of the subfolder in URLs/permalinks
    function my_bp_override_core_domain() {
    $domain = get_bloginfo('url');
    return $domain;

    Then, because the images uploaded with Album+ would’nt work with the above code, one of the plugin author (Francesco) wrote this code for me (thanks Francesco!):

    // Album+ path to images fix (due to previous filter)
    function add_subfolder_to_url($url) {
    return str_replace('','',$url);

    Now, I tried to delete those two codes, just to see if the uploaded images weren’t broken in the activity streams, but thy still were.

    Needless to say, I need this fixed as soon as I can, because it’s just horrible to have broken images all over the place, and it doesn’t look good to users.

    2) I really don’t see how to comment on a photo. All I got is “Edit picture” and “Delete picture”. That’s all.

    So, anybody?

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  • foxly


    First off, I visited your site and confirmed that BP Album+ is working correctly.

    You’re having problems because you’ve modified wordpress to display one URL in the browser while running the actual site on another …this is VERY BAD, because the modification you’ve made only handles *one* of *many* ways plugins generate URLs and file paths. That’s why we had to modify part of the BP Album+ code for you so it would work on your site.

    Modifying BP Album+’s activity stream code to work on your site would be much more difficult. The code gets the base URL from BuddyPress; so we would have to hook the BuddyPress function that does that and modify the URL, and that could break other parts of your installation. It would require testing and debugging, and so on.

    Also, version 0.1.9 of BP Album+ (which I’m taking a break from coding to answer your post) has at least *fifty* different functions that would have to be modified so it would work on your site, which is completely impractical to do.

    Fortunately, you can fix *all* of these problems quickly and easily, have WordPress in a subdirectory, and have the subdirectory invisible in the URL, by properly setting up your web server. :)

    Here’s how:


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