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Need urgent help, gonna pay

  • RaphaelJeger



    let me first explain the situation as good as possible. I have a site up and running ( that’s built be me in php, but not in wp/bp. I installed wordpress and buddypress in a subdirectory to play around and it’s working.

    Now I need several things in the next few days I think I can not achieve alone. I have some ideas how to solve it, but since I am in no way an expert in wp/bp, I’d need your help.

    Things to solve:

    1. On each slople (example: people should be able to discuss/share images/share movies. I thought of creating a group programatically for each slope (about 10’000 at the moment!) and displaying the activity stream of each group right below the content you can see above. Remember, those pages in the root are NO wp or bp-pages! That bp-section below the existing content should first show the group-members, then the comment-form and then the activity stream. I’d like to display the login-form in a separate box on the right (and don’t redirect them to the standard wp-login when someone enters a wrong user/password)
    2. This should be most easy and I may be able to achieve this myself ;) Make a custom menu on top of the page, where users can navigate to the current non-wp/bp-page (something like “home”) and of course have access to the buddypress-features (not all, I don’t want users to create blogs etc.)

    So please please please, if someone can help, get in contact with me ASAP! or reply here.
    Forum-admins: If this is the wrong place to post, please move or tell me where to post. Thanks!


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  • RaphaelJeger


    I forgot to say: The groups should have the slope-names as their labels (but that can change!) and the slope-id as their internal id (that will never change).

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