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Need Urgent Help With Activation Key, Registered Spammers, Members Count Disparity Between WP and BP

  • Hello guys,
    I need your help on my buddypress themed site,

    Activation Key
    A few friends have tried registering with my new site using our buddypress registration form. After registering, i can see his name on WP’s users registration page (dashboard), but no indication of such in our BP theme settings. He was required to use an activation key, yet he searched his email and waited, but no activation key was sent to him. How and where can new registrants get their activation key then?

    Registered Spammers
    I have a number of other websites, some are buddypress themed, and others are not. I have observed that every site that i used buddypress theme have the very same sign ups from these spammers. each site has a different url, made for a very different purpose, yet it is these same identities in all of them. I then wonder how they got to know about my buddypress sites, and ignore if not know about the other sites that are simulteanously made, but are ot buddypress themed. For some reason, there seems to be a way thee spammers got into my site through some form of connection with buddypress theme. if i post theses spammers identities here, i wonder if a number of other folks can also identify them as the same spammers they got.

    Members Count Disparity
    Looking at the WP dashboard, i can see that I have about 24 registered users in my site. this includes even the spammers ive mentioned above. However, buddypress community stats only reflect ive got 16 registered users/members. what is causing this difference? More to this, within buddypress, though i have 16 registered members, i guess all of them are spammers, only 5 of them reflect in my buddypress members widget, even if ive set it to feature a max of 200 members.

    I would appreciate prompt help on this concern, thanks.

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  • Stephanie8219


    I am having the same activation key problems. Members who are trying to register are not receiving an email.

    There are genuinely a lot of reasons why your web server may not be sending emails. The activation key is contained in this email. As a first step — and I’m sure someone will post here with a much more complicated answer soon — contact your web host and ask them if they support PHP’s mail() function; specifically, is PHP configured fully to send emails.
    Most web servers can send emails, but the ‘From’ headers are not properly set, so most of the time, they don’t get delivered to the recipient properly.

    If they come back and say that the From address in the email doesn’t match the name of your site (quite often this occurs in a virtual server situation), try

    If that doesn’t work, or they say you need to specify an SMTP server, try

    To clarify, un-activated user accounts will show in WordPress, but not in BuddyPress.



    Thank you Paul. That is exactly what I needed. The Mail From plug in corrected this issue for me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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