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Network/Community with BuddyPress and MU Scenario

  • Renato Alves


    Hi Buddy,

    I’m in the process of a community/network creation and one question come up about the integration between the other websites in the network, the scenario is as follows:


    Basicly I have three websites, two active right now and one still to come.


    1. 1 – The 1st active blog I will integrate the buddypress plugin and create a community around it. It already has a blog.
    2. 2 – The second one is a simple blog (kind of a sister blog related to the first one). This one will not have a different community of its own, but it will have a different theme and different pages. Their group and forum will be created on the first blog community and people when logged in on the first site will show up as online on this one.
    3. 3 – The last one is a website that’s in developing process. In this one I will only need the user base info used in the other websites. By user base info I mean by if the user is logged in, it will appear to him as so, making think he is within the network/community.


    What I know so far

    I understand I will need to use multi site to allow sharing of the user info on both three websites.

    My question is:

    Can a user, with multisite enabled, share logged in status and activities on both three websites (as if they were in the same network)?

    In this case, a user activity would only appear on the first website, but when he/she changes to the second website, he/she would appear as a logged in user and would like or comment on articles and their activity would appear on the first site.


    If yes, what recommendation would you share with me about it? Do you have a plugin that’s gonna help me in some way?


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