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Networked Sites issue with viewing activity details or editing profile/avatar

  • donshappelle


    I am experiencing difficulty when attempting to access an item in the activity stream or when I attempt to edit my profile. Both redirect me back to the index. It doesn’t matter if it is an instance on the main site, or any of the additional sites set up. They all fail. The root site allows me to upload an avatar and crop it without a problem. Any of the other instances show a blank image for the upload, with nothing to crop, and a crop button. However, the file is getting uploaded.

    So if I click a link that looks like this to view a stream item:
    takes me right back to

    If I go to the member list and look for friends or group activity, they display fine.
    However, clicking a link to “VIEW” one of the items results in the symptoms described above.

    The same thing happens when one clicks EDIT PROFILE.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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