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New Approvals Workflow – Able to edit profile before approval?

  • stewarttodd


    I found the new functionality that lets users request membership and requires an admin to approve the request.

    Is it possible for the Admin to edit the a user’s profile fields BEFORE approving the user? It looks like the only functionality available is a simple “approve”.

    My use case is that I have existing data / records / fields from our members already in an Excel file.

    The site is new, so i would like the workflow to run like this:
    1. User registers with a few simple fields (name, email, etc.)
    2. Admin goes in to review the membership request and verifies they are a member of our organization.
    3. If so, the Admin edits the user’s profile and manually copies over some data from the pre-existing Excel data we have for that user (i.e. induction date, title, company, etc.)
    4. Admin then approves the user.
    5. On first login, the user is taken to their profile (with info from step 3 showing) and they can edit / update any info.

    Ideas on if this workflow is possible and how i could accomplish this?

    Thank you!

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