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New Blogs Getting Buddypress Template?

  • When you register a new blog with my Buddy Pres setup, the users get the default Buddy Press Theme, and not the Member theme.

    What am I doing wrong? In Buddypress Options I have Buddypress Member theme chosen.

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  • Just the member pages, groups, etc should get the buddypress theme. The actual blogs themselves will use whatever the “default” theme is setup for the WPMU installation that you have put buddypress on.


    Your users’ blogs will get whatever template you have set as “default”, which is probably the BuddyPress Home Theme. So do this:

    1) Rename the BuddyPress Home Theme something other than “default”.

    2) In the dashboard for your main blog (admin), assign the BuddyPress theme to your blog. That’s what users will see when they visit your site, as your “blog” is the site.

    3) Choose the theme you want your users to have as their default blog theme.

    4) Name your chosen default blog theme “default”.

    If you need additional info, let me know.


    Sorry, Trent, I wasn’t trying to add to your answer, as your answer wasn’t there when I started my post. I think we were both answering at the same time…I wasn’t trying to step on your toes. :-)

    This forum, the BP trac, WPMU and bbPress forums are having “caching” issues it seems as things are slow to show up at times when people post. Strange…I reported it the powers that be…

    In terms of answering, your answer was more detail anyways! :)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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