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New comments in activity 1.2 brings thread on top

  • I discussed a little time ago over at the idea, that everytime someone comments on an update, the whole update-stream moves on top (see for more:

    I like that idea very much, because it makes the site even more fresh. Andy said there, that it’s not an idea he likes, so it won’t make in into core iI guess.

    Here is my question: Would that be possible to accomplish with a hack or even a plugin? I am asking all the coder-gurus out there. I would like to have that “function” very much!!! :-) (not at least, that it makes the forums more useless… ;-))

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  • There is a built in option in the core, pass ‘show_comments=stream’ as a parameter into the bp_has_activities() loop. This will show new comments at the top of the stream.

    As far as I know it will look like my personal-activity-stream, right?! For my personal stream I think that’s just fine, but for the main-streams it is kind of confusing for the users, when they find the comment (with the “in reply to”) and a little underneath there is the whole update-comment-thread…

    Or did I get that wrong? Maybe there already is a way to move the WHOLE thread on top???

    There isn’t a way no. I still think this is a bad idea. You wouldn’t expect a blog post to move to the top when there’s a new comment. It’s chronological based on the original post date.

    I know… Sorry to bother, but I still think, that the “forums” seem now like a stranger in the new very-exciting BP1.2 Stream-World…

    That way I could get rid of the forums and manage everything through activity and threaded commenting… Maybe later there would come some kind of “categories” and “tags” for groups and activity-items… That would make a very cool forum… :-)

    But I get it – thanks for answering (or maybe one day there could be a plugin for this…?!)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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