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New install NO pages Error 404 — NEED HELP PLEASE

  • I’ve installed wordpress 3.0.1 and then added buddypress plugin why did this not create the required pages?
    sorry i’m new to all of this and if there is info on what i didn’t do please can someone help


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  • When I look at the directories in the site there is only the wordpress directories and none of the directories that buddypress is looking for when you hover over buttons ( activity/ does not exist. Its like buddypress plugin installed in plugin directory but did not install needed items. At least that is what it looked like…

    Plugin is buddypress

    Please Help

    Are you looking at “Pages” in the wp-admin? BuddyPress doesn’t add anything there.

    No I looked at the server directorys and the link from the buddypress buttons and they are pointing to none existing locations. That is why i’m getting error 404 when i want to go to forums, blog etc.

    When I activated the buddypress plugin was i to run something to set things up? or create pages etc.??

    do i have to run a setup file?

    how do i get this thing to work?

    Have you configured permalinks? select one (dashboard -> general -> settings)other than that which is already set and save. If you get an error message that the .htaccess file couldn’t be created or saved to it might indicate the problem.

    Yes I have and I just did again Twice and still the same thing.


    Looks like you probably haven’t quite setup BP as a subfolder or running on a blog that isn’t the primary one quite correctly.

    I also note that you are using IIS so are you absolutely sure you are using an .htaccess file?

    No how do I find out – I could delete everything including Database and start again.

    At this point I’ll talk dirt to it if you think that will help?

    Don’t start deleting stuff at this stage, it unnecessarily drastic. Earlier you answered yes to setting permalinks so I’m assuming that you didn’t get a message informing you that it couldn’t be written and showing you the code that would need t be added manually.

    I would have a read through this page in the WP codex:

    and see if any of that helps before deleting stuff or looking at other areas.

    Well to late – I started over and did the following:

    1. Created new database
    2. Installed wordpress 3.0.1
    3. Installed buddypress plugin
    4. Reset permalinks to numeric
    5. activated default buddypress theme.

    outcome same… url same.. same problem when I co to the server directory the only thing I see is wordpress directories and the only place I find anything from buddypress is in wp-plugins.. I followed all on screen requests in wp admin panel.

    I an going thrugh the codex link you gave me Thanks.

    Wp 3.0.1

    no other plugins

    I’m having the exact same problem.

    Any clues?

    Yes the posts above!

    The exact same problem seldom actually is or at least there are often different reasons for what manifests as a similar problem.

    If you want help you are going to need to create a fresh post along with a little more detailed information on your setup and the issue as you see it.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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