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[Resolved] New Members Can't Post Updates

  • storyaday


    Hi, loving the look of BP1.7.1 so far. Thanks!

    I have WP 3.5.1 installed and BP 1.7.1, hosted by Bluehost.

    Problem: new users cannot friend people or post updates. If they post an update, BP loads the front page of my site into the frame below, where it should take them back to the activity stream (which is confusing (and looks horrible). This problem existed before I upgraded to 1.7 and the upgrade did not fix it.

    I run an annual challenge and the weird thing is last year’s members can post just fine. New members can join, activate their membership, post on the main blog’s comments. My forums imported perfectly to the new bbPress (as far as I can tell). They just can’t user the community features.

    Additional Info: I changed my admin name in the database after the recent ‘admin’ hacking scare, and broke something before I discovered that you have to make an additional change in the database for multisite (sitemeta…). Is it possible there is something I didn’t change that is screwing up BP? Oh, and I have tried using the default theme with no joy. All plugins are up to date (just Buddypress, WPFootnotes, Premise, All In One SEO,

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • storyaday


    OK, I think this turned out to be a conflict with the Premise plugin. Deactivated that and everything went back to normal. (It has a component where it creates pages, so some conflict probably happened there).

    This served as a good reminder: As always, turn off your plugins one by one before you freak out.

    (Maybe I’ll even learn that lesson some day)

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