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New Members v. Spambots

  • thealchemist


    Well, my new site has been live for about a week and I believe the spambots have found me! Actually, I know they have because membership leapt by 40+ “people” all using firstlast as username and an irrelevant firstname######## in the profile.

    Here’s the problem … All of the spambots get to the signup but I don’t think they verify because they aren’t showing up in the user list in admin BUT they show up in the member directory and the “Members” plugin! Anyone who signs up should not be put into either list until they verify.

    This is maddening because it would be so much easier to bulk edit in admin versus via the admin bar.

    I know there will always be spambots but why are they appearing in the member directory and the member widget but not in admin? And what can we do to prevent this?

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