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[New Plugin] BuddyPress Ranks

  • ElbowRobo


    Ever wanted to assign ranks to BuddyPress Members? Now you can, introducing - BuddyPress Ranks.

    BuddyPress Ranks is designed to enrich your website. It allows you to create ranks for your members and then allocate them individually.

    I designed this new plugin for another website and after it being in use there for a substantial amount of time I have decided to release it to the world. It has taken me quite a long time to create and so I have decided to sell it for £5.

    A relatively low amount, but enough to buy me some cola 🙂

    You can check it out here and I’m even throwing in 20% dicount with the code:


    Check it out!


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  • wolfied


    Looking good. I like the concept. It’s somewhat similar as to what I’m looking for. Are you able to upgrade/update it even with slight changes? It might have been an excellent plug-in with little touches.



    It’s very basic if I may say.

    All ranks are manually controlled, so as an Admin of the site you have to add + update all ranks manually for each member ?

    I can’t see why this plugin does more then a regular xProfile field that a member can’t control or update.

    It’s nice when people make plugins but 5,- (premium plugin) for something like this isn’t worth they money I think. There are BuddyPress plugins like Achievements that do way more advanced and automatically stuff for Free.
    Maybe you can try to add this functionality to the Achievements core, lets say people post 500 replies-/posts, they get promoted to Rank A if they reach 1000 replies-/posts they will get automatically promoted to Rank B.

    That would make me pay 5,- for a plugin like this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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