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New Plugin: Rescue Me From Groups

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  • Gene53


    @gregfielding I agree with everything you wrote on your plugin request post.

    @brajesh Thanks for coming up with a solution.

    Mike Pratt


    This is a nice option and, perhaps could use even more refinement as it is not as black and white as Greg suggests on @Brajesh‘s site. Yes, the way @Andy makes use of groups as plugin vehicles here on does create the problem @greg illustrates but there are other use cases where you’d want to keep it on. I think adding the ability to have the group admin turn this on/off on a group by group basis would allow the group type to dictate.

    @greg I disagree that groups and discussions are necessarily separate. That was one of the much needed evolutions of forums…the ability to have a contextually aggregated place for stuff ie a group that also had a discussion component to ti, among other features. In a sense, the discussion belongs to the group, not some generic mess of topics. Not to diminish your point, but there can be great utility in “if you want to participate in this discussion, you must be a part of this group” I know in some implementations, it might dissuade new members but in others it was just what was needed

    Brajesh Singh


    Well, The plugin was just a small hack, as I could not see any filters to accomplish what Greg wanted. So, I hacked around status to get rid of that.

    About forums being part of group, I believe it should be better left to the site owners to decide and not to force them of a particular structure. Options are always better, so If possible, It would have been great to give the site owners the options.

    Now about Plugin features.
    It is easy to add an option to allow group admins to select whether to allow non members to post or not, I can add that easily. The difficult part id muting the text “You will auto join this group” as It is theme based and sniffing on gettext is not what I prefer as for something small as this the overhead will be too much.

    May be we can request @apeatling and he may provide easier options like filters for disabing/enabling auto joining and a filter to mute the text.So this hack will no more be even required.

    Nick Forest


    Something does not work …
    1. I activated the plugin Rescue Me From Groups
    2. I posted a new forum topic in a group in which I am not a member… and I was NOT automatically joined … (until now it works!)
    But …
    3. When I reply to the topic that I’ve just added (or any other forum topic within that group) I’m automatically joined to the group …

    PS: I use WP MS 3.1.2, BP 128

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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