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New registered users can not add any posts in NEWSFEED

  • superpuperlesha


    I have Woffice theme with BuddyPress.
    New registered users (on site registered form) can not add any posts in NEWSFEED.
    They have message “there was a problem posting your update please try again”
    But users with Facebook have permission to add posts.
    Help please.

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  • danbp



    deactivate FB plugin (and all others too) and try only with BP.
    Test also WP/BP only with Twenty Sixteen theme.



    My user After register can not add any posts on newsfeed. They have message “there was a problem posting your update please try again”
    I deactivateted all plugins and have clear child theme.

    Help my please.




    please, never publish username and password or any ftp crendetials when you’re not asked for.
    (i removed them)
    Have you tested whith Twenty Sixteen ? If you use a child theme (what ever the theme) you must first test with the parent theme and if ok, test with the child.

    Did you allowed search engines (wp settings) ?
    Are users allowed to comment (wp settings) ?
    Is activity component enabled (bp settings) ?
    Do you have an “activity” page ?
    Are pretty permalinks enabled ?

    More infos ? Read here:

    Getting Started



    Hello BP Team,

    I’m the Founder of MyKenz. We created a website based on your plugin to connect the schools and clubs of the world and teach soft skills to the youth.
    This project is very ambitious but thankfully, we have the support and help of very important international partners. The aim is to help kids and teens around the world to learn what they love but cannot find in school.

    One day before launching the website to the public, we had a issue/bug on the “Post Update” feature. It works for Facebook registered users and also for manually created users (via WordPress admin dashboard), but it doesn’t work for new users who created their account through “Registration” process.
    By ‘not working’ I mean that when a user tries to post an update on the Activity Feed, he sees a message : “There was a problem posting your update. Please try again”.

    Our freelance Dev contacted you to help him but your advices were not enough to solve our issue.
    The website is now blocked for 2 weeks and we really are in a big mess.

    We really need your help to debug this urgently and apparently we cannot do it without you.

    Can you please get inside the site and try to find a solution ? We contacted the devs of the template (Woffice from Alkaweb) and they couldn’t do it… They advised us to get in touch with you.

    I beg you to help us as soon as possible.

    Best regards and wishes for 2017



    You can create a job listing here.

    If you do, you may want to include answers to the questions that danbp asked above.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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