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New registrants have no member profile page; user name instead of nickname/display name

  • GordonRe


    WP 3.4.2, BP 1.6.1

    I imported 20 users using AMU
    I assigned them to a group using BP Group Management

    They are listed as group members at in order of last activity.

    Problem 1: recent additions display as username rather than display name; older members are showing as display name.

    Problem 2: clicking on name for new members does not show member profile information.

    When logged in as one of the new users:

    Obviously these users have not been sent an activation email; however I was able to log in as one of the new users.

    BuddyPress default theme and all plugins except BP disabled – same result.

    Thanks for any suggestions. And if I need to activate these users: how do I do that?


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  • trailmix5


    Hi Gordon,

    I have a similar issue and have posted here

    I still can’t get mine working but maybe one of these fixes will work for you…



    Thanks @Trailmix5.
    Yes I’ve read your post a couple of times and the tips and responses.
    I am not using DAP. I get the same result logged in as a user or administrator ie

    – users added directly into WordPress after BP installation show up under their not very friendly username; they have no
    – users added before BP installation show up with display name, have profile pages and prior existing meta data shows up on profile page.

    Anyone have an idea? @mercime?

    [I note in the OP I said “When logged in as one of the new users:” – this is confusing and should be ignored. I thought for a moment there was a difference in behaviour between admin and new users but there is not.

    Thanks for any tips.




    What is AMU? Some type of import script? If so, make sure that the FIrst Name and Last Name is filled in when importing the user and BuddyPress should pick it up.

    To test, try adding a new user from the WP Users screen:

    Make sure to fill in everything except “Website”.



    1. AMU is a plug-in called Add Multiple Users which It enables a CSV import of users. [Sorry for not being clearer in the OP].

    2. Users added manually – ie using the WordPress new user screen – and users Registering using the front end – work fine in BuddyPress – [both those entered before and after doing the CSV import with AMU) ie the user has a profile page and can edit it.

    3. All the users imported using AMU have all fields complete including first, last, nick and display names. The only empty fields are www, jabber and AIM.

    4. Users from both the CSV import and the manual user added from the Users_Add_New_Screen screen are added to a BP groups using @boonebgorges‘ Buddy Press Group Management plug in. All appear in the group member list (and all members lists) but the ones bulk entered using CSV file do not have profiles.

    I’m going to try doing another import and see if I get the same result.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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