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New Registration Pages and Setup

  • totallymoving


    Hi. Firstly apologies for my lack of knowledge of this system, however it’s a steep learning curve!.

    I have loaded BP and want to create the user registration pages. I’ve checked the box to allow anyone to register and have created a registration page. The theme I’m using is the Hueman child theme.

    However I can’t see any registration form and when I create other pages, such as activation, etc… nothing is visible in the page itself. Essentially I’m trying to set up the site so a user visits the site, registers (via a form) and is then able to post, meet others, store documents, etc…

    Is there any easy way to do this, i.e. a theme I can incorporate into the one I have already (but merely for the BP parts of the site) or is there another way?

    Finally, where is the data stored, i.e. user information? Should I have a database?

    Any help would be gratefully received and thanks.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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