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New to BP – right plugin for my needs?

  • randyhintz


    I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place for my questions, and please direct me to a better place if I have made that mistake.
    I am the head coach for a start-up robotics team. I have created a website for reaching families in my area, and this website may expand to include some tools for team management. I have been searching for the right plug-in(s) to add, and I believe BuddyPress may be a good fit (probably with a companion plug-in or two). I’d like to share my requirements and I solicit your feedback to see if you believe BuddyPress is a good fit.
    1) Practice and competition calendar with attendance options (I am looking at Events Manager for that part)
    2) Ability for me and others to create announcements, and allow replies that are visible to all other team members. (I think this obviously fits posts)
    3) Ability for announcements to be received via email. (This also looks straightforward)
    4) Ability for members to reply to announcements via email (not sure if this is possible)
    5) Ability to control separate “teams” (groups?) with announcements and events to be segregated.
    6) I would like to control membership, so I would add new site members instead of having open registration, but once a person is registered, allow them to control their own profile.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • snorklebum


    Some of what you’re attempting is similar to something I’ve set up in the past.

    1. Events manager allowed us to track attendance and set limits, there are plugins that let you email only signed up attendees as well.
    2 That sounds like a good way of doing things.
    3. We use the newsletter plugin for this part.
    4. don’t currently do but I’ve seen plugins that offer this functionality.
    5. Groups should hopefully cover that.
    6. Should be possible but no experience of doing.

    Hope that helps

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