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New to BuddyPress – introductory questions

  • jiminps



    I have a potential new client who inquires about some of the capability of BuddyPress. Here’s his questions:

    Does the forum set-up from BuddyPress offer the capability for the admin to give or restrict permissions for members?

    Can private messages be sent and received? I think that I would want to restrict so that private messages can only be sent between a member and the admins.

    Thanks for answering these two questions in advance.

    Jim (In Los Angeles)

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  • bp-help


    Even though the first question deals with bbPress the answer is it depends on what you mean by capabilities. You can can assign user roles like keymaster, moderator, participant, spectator, or blocked.
    Yes, private messages can be sent and received. If you only want messages to be sent between a member and the admin that would require use of a plugin, or some custom code but it can be done!
    Hope that answers your questions!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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