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New users often skip uploading an avatar during registration and need to be reminded to do so

  • PJ


    I’ve had several installs with several different user segments (high school students, undergrad and grad students) and most new user registrations miss out on uploading avatars during their first login (and need to be reminded of how to do this if they skipped that step). Have you noticed that your users miss out on uploading their avatars during registration or are confused with how its labeled?

    1. One thing I’ve done was customize step two of the registration process (the avatar upload page and one that says “hey, click the activation link in your inbox”) so that these two pieces of information are more distinct and in larger font. That way the page simply says: “Click the link in your inbox BUT stay on this page so you can upload an avatar to your profile.”

    2. Another option is to change all instances of the word “avatar” to “image” or “picture” because users are more familiar with those words. New users who are new to a Buddypress site are a bit apprehensive in using it and the word avatar might confuse them a bit more.

    3. A third option is to have the avatar “mystery man” to be replaced with an image that says “I haven’t uploaded a picture… yet” so the user feels encouraged to upload one. Every time they see their icon it will politely remind them to do so.

    Which of these do you find works best? If you have any success stories or tips on how to ensure a high success rate of users uploading avatars during initial registration, I’d like to hear your suggestions or see screenshots. I don’t like seeing the mystery man or reminding users to upload their images after they’ve signed up.


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  • And I was wondering just the opposite: is it possible to disable the uploading of avatars until the account is confirmed via the confirmation email? It seems whack to allow file uploading before someone has confirmed their registration.

    I agree it’s the wrong way around. I’m advertising my own plugin here, but what I have done on some sites is use the Welcome Message part of Welcome Pack to send a private message to the new user and to say hello and remind them to complete their profile / picture, etc.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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