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Newbie looking for where to start

  • DownunderDabbler


    Hi and help,

    I am lost in the world of too much info on the web and am looking for something that gives me a basic understanding of buddy press. I get lost in the installation, eg: Configure components -> associate a WordPress page or create a new page -> ??

    What sort of page? What goes on it? What’s its function?

    For 5 days now I’ve known about Buddypress for Dummies but just as I decide to get a hold of it, I read a 2012 item by the author saying, Don’t buy it, its outdated. I’ve just spent money to buy a WP theme that is Buddypress compatible and yesterday found out I’d wasted my money in the sense that now all themes compatible. On the up side, I get 12 months support for the theme; on the downside, they won’t support buddypress, just their theme. They direct Buddypress users here.

    I’ve looked at the Codex and closely read the section on installation – the Codex seems to simply repeat what is on my setup screen and adds no extra information – it has not been useful to this wannabe user.

    So simply, where can I find an introductory level guide to setting up Buddypress correctly?

    Thank you


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  • Shmoo


    Well there is nothing much to it.

    If you understand what BuddyPress is, you know it needs to active a few components – you can decide what components you want to activate when you activate the BuddyPress plugin.

    Let say if you don’t want private messages then don’t activate it. If you like your member to message each other you should activate.
    Only if you activate components you need to create WordPress pages to show those components – simple right?
    BuddyPress plugin helps you do that and creates those pages for you, you can save those default pages or change them to other pages.
    Lets say you want your Groups not to show up on the page but at the page then you can do so by just changing the name of that groups page.

    Normally every WordPress theme should be able to handle the BuddyPress plugin just fine because BuddyPress uses the default WordPress templates to show all the BuddyPress pages.
    But if you have an older WP theme or a very complicated WordPress theme you can get into some troubles of course.
    There are some WordPress themes that are made for specific fields like photographers or portfolio websites those themes are often made just to target those fields of work and don’t need social media integrations.



    Shmoo, thank you for your reply and I am sorry for not responding earlier – my screen still shows 0 replies to this post and the only reason I saw your post was because I came to write something sarcastic about the lack of help offered. I have come to this site a couple of times every day since posting.

    Where I was stuck was on the ‘Pages’ part of the Buddypress settings page – I was under the impression I needed to create a page for each of Activity, Groups and Members sections at least, but had no idea what these pages did or needed to be functional. I have tonight again spent time watching videos trying to find an answer and found this short tutorial which showed that there are already existing default pages – that’s all I needed to know to at least get started.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer – much appreciated.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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