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newbie question regarding how to embed buddypress output into widgets

  • thatmtnman


    Dear Forum,

    I’m fairly new and trying to teach myself. Having said that, I am loving buddypress. My question related to widgets. Is there some reason, or better yet, some way to have buddypress output placed into a widget?

    Here are some examples of what I am thinking of: you want to show a block of avatars for who is online on your main page-it would be great to just have a widget with the avatars in a sidebar. Or, lets say there is an article that a number of people are commenting on, it would be great to show their avatars in a block in a sidebar. But it could just as easily be popular members etc. etc.

    Would anyone know how to do this kind of thing? Or maybe even, its already done?

    cheers! And thank you for an amazing project with an amazing community!!

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