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  • shaybocks


    Some new members are not showing up in the Newest members widget. There is nothing different about these users profiles or database content.

    I have been noticing from the beginning that I had registered users on the dashboard, but they were not showing up as members on the main site. I have six new users that are not showing up when I click on “Newest” on the main Community page. I have tried to search this, but did not really come up with an answer. I created a new account last night and it worked and I have a new user this morning and it worked for her…so I don’t know why some are showing up or why some are not. I don’t see anyway for me to activate or have them show up on the main page from the dashboard side?

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  • cornerstonecooking


    Have those new people maybe not activated their profiles?

    Not sure but just a thought that maybe they don’t show until they are activated..

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